Shaft Mounted Gearboxes

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Varmec – RFV series shaft mounted gearboxes are available in aluminum or cast iron, allow a wide range of reduction ratios, ensuring maximum efficiency in all working conditions.

Manufacturing Features

VARMEC gearboxes and gearmotors have been designed entirely with the aid of technical computer programs. Every single component has been checked and designed taking into account the maximum load applicable to the gearbox according to the AGMA 2001-B88 regulation, in compliance with the modularity characteristics. Casings and flanges are made of unpainted aluminium in sizes 252-253, 302-303, while the casings and flanges made of high resistance cast-iron are painted in the other sizes.

The rounded shape of the casings gives the gearboxes excellent rigidity and solidity and allows them to be used in all possible assembly positions. The various components are processed on modern CNC machinery, ensuring maximum constructive precision. All gears are made of alloyed, hardened and tempered steel with subsequent grinding on the sides of the teeth to improve performance and silent operation even under load.

  • Input power from 0,09 to 22 kW 4 poli
  • Torque from 100 to 2200 Nm
  • Reduction from 1:4,83 to 1:547,27