Shaft Mounted Gearboxes

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Tramec Shaft Mounted Gearboxes – SMSR, Built in 6 sizes with a single reduction stage and in 6 sizes with two reduction stages. Two input types are available: one with projecting input shaft and one with compact motor coupling for mounting to IEC flanged electric motors.

Gear unit body in engineering cast iron, EN GJL 200 UNI EN 1561 ribbed internally and externally to guarantee rigidity The single lubrication chamber guarantees improved heat dissipation and better lubrication of all the internal components.

The helical spur gears are built in 16CrNi4 or 18NiCrMo5 UNI7846 quench-hardened and, case-hardened steel. The first stage is ground. The standard hollow output shaft made of steel and available with holes of various diameters, the possibility of mounting an output flange on the side opposite the input shaft, anchorage through either a tensioner or a torque arm, the possibility of mounting a backstop device, make these gearboxes highly efficient and facilitate their installation in various applications.