High Precision Planetary Gearboxes


MTA-series of high precision planetary gearboxes represents the concentration of different technical solutions in one product that is able to achieve excellent performances and precision.

Tramec Planetary MTA- series consists of 5 sizes (16-22-32-40-55) with 1 and 2 reduction stages, with a range of ratios from 3: 1 to 100: 1 and performances that cover the needs of countless applications in various sectors: ROBOTICS, AUTOMATION, MACHINE TOOLS, PRINTING MACHINES, AUTOMATIC MACHINES FOR PACKAGING, MANIPULATORS, SCREEN PRINTING MACHINES, LINEAR GUIDES.

Output casing: it consists of a spheroidal cast iron casting which is suitably treated to guarantee strength and stability. The solid square flange, in addition to the fixing holes has 2 extra holes for reference pins to stiffen the coupling at the base of the machine (holes are not present on size 16).
The internal teeth are obtained directly onto the casing and guarantee a firm reaction to high torques that are generated by inversions when working in alternating operation.

Input casing: it is made of high quality steel and subsequently treated to be given hardness and toughness.
The teeth, obtained directly inside the casing, guarantee precision and concentricity.

Output shafts: output shafts are made of alloyed and tempered steel. Seats for satellite gears are obtained in one piece together with the shaft; this guarantees the perfect position of the satellite, which is supported on both sides. Moreover, at the opposite end, a bearing seat is obtained to
stiffen the shaft and to accommodate the bearing that supports the pinion; this guarantees a perfect concentricity and a perfect tooth mesh between WHEEL/ SATELLITE / PINION.

Planet-gear carrier: it’s made of alloyed and tempered steel and it’s locked by two bearings for a defined and precise position.

Input sleeve: made of hardened and tempered alloyed steel, it is supported by a bearing on the output shaft to always ensure maximum alignment.

Clamp: built in light alloy to ensure low moments of inertia.

Gears: solar gear and satellite gears are made of case-hardened and tempered alloyed steel, with helical teeth with ground profile to improve performance and increase quietness.

Input flanges: made of aluminum, these are available in multiple variants to obtain the combination with several types of servomotors.

Bearings: high quality bearings,  appropriately sized to guarantee long life and silent operation.

Seals: sliding oil seals suitable for use at high temperatures.

Painting: on the cast iron and steel casing, a black two-component polyurethane paint is applied.
On the other hand, a black anodization is applied on aluminum input flanges.