Standard Asynchronous Electric Motors with Cast Iron Housing

Elvem supplies three-phase two-pole asynchronous electric motors in cast iron. The size ranges from MEC 160 to 450, efficiency classes IE4, IE3, IE2 and IE1.

As of 2017, the acronym 7T identifies electric asynchronous three-phase single-pole motors with cast iron casing made by Elvem:

  • 7T4, efficiency class IE4
  • 7T3, efficiency class IE3
  • 7T2, efficiency class IE2
  • 7T1, efficiency class IE1

The previous acronyms used are:

  • 7SM / 7SH (IE1)
  • 7XM / 7XH (IE2)
  • 7PM / 7PH (IE3)

Standard cast iron motors manufactured by Elvem are equipped with SKF bearingsPTC temperature probes and external greaser in brass that ensures periodic lubrication of bearings. The ground terminals are places outside and inside of the terminal box. The fins are designed to ensure uniform cooling. The painting was carried out in multiple cycles to ensure optimal protection against oxidation.